Poll: Should high school disciplinary action for protests impact college admission?

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Protests have been widespread in recent days as many high school students want to see a change in gun laws.

Some of these protests include complete walk-outs from class.

Now, some colleges are letting high school students know that they won’t penalize them for any disciplinary action taken against them.

For example, Dickinson College posted this statement of support:

Dickinson College supports students’ rights to make their voices heard. We were established in 1783 by a revolutionary thinker, Benjamin Rush, who signed what could be considered America’s quintessential protest document: the Declaration of Independence. Rush aimed to educate citizen leaders to be active participants in a newly created democratic nation. That is our mission still. While we respect the right of school districts to maintain policies consistent with their missions, we won’t penalize students who speak up or protest appropriately to make their views known.

Dickinson is not alone in its message.

According to ABC News, nearly 50 schools, including Ivy League institutions, have taken to social media to reassure students that taking part in protests would not jeopardize admissions consideration.

According to CNN, Indiana University and IUPUI have shown their support for any future or prospective students who take part in any marches or protests, saying it will not affect their admission decision.

FOX43’s Grace Griffaton will have more on the situation on FOX43 First at 4.

Our question is, should high school disciplinary action for protests impact college admission?

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