Hundreds still without power in York County

LOWER CHANCEFORD TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Thousands of people in our area are still without power tonight after high winds brought down trees and wires on Friday.

In York County, some worry it could be days before their lights and heat is turned back on.

It's been a cold, dark couple of days for a number of families in Lower Chanceford Township near Airville. Luckily, some of them have been able to borrow generators from family and friends.

Everyone FOX43 spoke with is making do with the situation.

A backup generator powers a single kerosene heater and a TV for some entertainment at the Shoff's home on Center Road.

"Friday, we had no heat or nothing so we were just sitting in there cold. We were just freezing," said Isaac Shoff.

Friday's wind toppled over this tree and left the Shoff's and a number of neighbors in the dark.

Since then, it's been daily trips to the creek to keep themselves, their two goats, and their cats hydrated.

"We have to down to the creek way down there to get water just to flush the toilets," said Schoff.

No showers, though, and meals are restricted to kerosene heated dishes or takeout.

Neighbors hope to see a PECO energy crew on the street soon.

"I haven't seen no trucks working anywhere. My daughter hasn't seen any on the road or anything... so I don't know where they're at," said John Starn.

Starn is one of the lucky few on Center Road.

"I have a generator running so that helps me, but they don't have anything, and they don't have anything," he said referencing his neighbors.

Except Starn has grandchildren and two great grand-babies living nearby, and he doesn't want them to get cold!

"What I hope for? I hope the electric comes back on!" laughed Starn.

According to PECO, more than 600 customers are without power in York County, and officials say the best way to see when power will be back on is to check online.

According to the website, those near Airville should have power restored by Wednesday night.

Officials with PPL have said that they will compensate those people who had their power out for more than 24 hours for any water and ice they purchased.

Both PECO and Met-Ed say they do not reimburse for food or water. However, a person will not be charged for the days the power is off.