Families of victims in Bucks County murder spree file wrongful death suits against suspects

BUCKS COUNTY — The families of three victims in a Bucks County murder spree last summer have filed wrongful death lawsuits against the suspects, according to FOX29.

The suits were announced Monday.

The civil complaints name Cosmo DiNardo, his parents, and their family businesses, as well as accused co-conspirator Sean Kratz.

DiNardo and Kratz are accused of killing Dean Finocchiaro, Jimi Patrick, Thomas Meo, and Mark Sturgis last summer. The victims’ bodies were found on a farm belonging to DiNardo’s family in July 2017. Police believe they were shot on the sprawling Solebury Township property. Three victims were found buried inside an oil tank placed deep underground. Patrick’s body was discovered on a different part of the property, police say.

Monday’s wrongful death suits were filed by the families of Finocchiaro, Patrick, and Meo. Mark Sturgis’ family filed a civil suit last year.

The suits allege that DiNardo used a .357 magnum belonging to his mother to commit the murders, and heavy equipment owned by the DiNardo family businesses were also used in the murders, as well as the cover-up.

The suit also says that DiNardo had access to the weapon and the equipment despite the DiNardo family’s knowledge that their son was mentally unstable.

DiNardo and Kratz both pleaded not guilty at their arraignments in December, sending their case to trial. DiNardo has been charged in the murders of all four men, while Kratz has been charged in the murders of Finocchiarro, Meo, and Sturgis.

DiNardo and Kratz are scheduled for trial on November 7 with jury selection to start on October 29.