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Wolf provides update on effort to restore power to Pennsylvanians affected by weekend’s storm

Governor Tom Wolf

HARRISBURG — Gov. Tom Wolf issued an update on the effort to restore power to Pennsylvanians affected by the weekend’s winter storm.

As of 1 p.m. Monday, power was restored to about 470,000 customers, Wolf’s administration said. There are about 113,363 customers still waiting for power to be restored.

At the storm’s peak, 587,000 Pennsylvania customers lost power, the Wolf administration said.

“The commonwealth continues to work collaboratively to support efforts to make utility repairs and restore service as fast as possible,” Wolf said in a press release. “I thank the utility workers and other responders who have been working tirelessly to make repairs and support communities and residents.”​

On Sunday, Wolf authorized PennDOT Secretary Leslie S. Richards to issue a waiver lifting some hours of service requirements for Commercial Driver License holders. The waiver, which is in place from Saturday through midnight March 31, allows drivers assisting with the transportation of utility crews to areas hard hit by the storm to exceed the normal limits on driving time. The limit is extended to 14 hours from 11 hours.

The requirement for 10 hours of rest between the 14-hour shifts remains in place.