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Preparations for the incoming winter storm

YORK TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY --- From road crews to grocery shoppers, attention is focused on preparation for the incoming snow storm.

Mike Crochunis with PennDOT said they put down a salt brine solution on the roads early to try and get ahead of the storm.

However, he said the expected rain Tuesday evening will wash it off, creating potentially slick conditions.

He also said they're starting to cycle crews on 12 hour shifts starting Tuesday evening and continuing into Wednesday.

"This has some serious potential to be throwing significant snow at us," said Crochunis.

With several inches of snowfall expected around central Pennsylvania, he said the best bet is to stay off the roads.

“Once it starts to accumulate on the treated surface, that’s when we get into a plowing operation and things kind of slow down. Your travel will be impeded at some length if you choose to go out there,” said Crochunis.

In light of these warnings, grocery stores saw sections wiped out.

Staff at Nell's Market in York Township say they saw a 50 percent increase in sales, just in one day.

People came out in droves looking for the essentials, such as Samantha Temple.

"I just got like the main things: something for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a few extra bottles of water," said Temple.

Pat Graham, program coordinator for Bell Family Shelter in York, said their preparations are business as usual.

"We just like to make sure everyone has a place to stay," said Graham.

She said they're usually at max capacity throughout the winter so having extra blankets or their shelves stocked before the storm is like any other day.

"Foods, diapers, clothing...whatever the needs are of the residents, we make sure we have that, all the time," said Graham.

Pennsylvania State Police ask if you have to go on the roads Tuesday night or Wednesday, drive cautiously and give others space.

Also, they say make sure you have things like a full tank of gas, charged cell phone, food, water and warm items in case you find yourself stranded on the roads.

For more information on the Bell Family Shelter, including ways to donate, visit the link here.