FOX43 Finds Out: Stuck paying the bill for days without service

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WEST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, Pa — Hundreds of people in York county lost their Verizon landline and internet service after a construction crew hit a Verizon cable earlier this year, FOX43 Finds Out if those who are impacted need to pay.

Evelyn Szala is happy to have her landline working again.

“I’m a caregiver here and I need that phone,” Szala said.

About a month ago, Szala and several hundred other people near West Manchester Township, York County were without a landline or internet for days.

It’s all because a Columbia Gas construction crew hit some under ground Verizon cables on Loucks Road.

Columbia Gas told FOX43 in a statement that it did hit Verizon lines that were unmarked at the time.

Szala said, “But why is it going to take 4 days? That was my first thing. Why did I have to wait from Friday until Tuesday for somebody to fix my phone?”

And that’s what it took, four days to get her phone back.

Then, she got the bill and discovered she was charged pretty much the same as the month before, the only difference between the bills was a penny.

“I thought ‘what am I paying for and not having the service for 4 days?'”

Szala didn’t think that was fair, saying she didn’t do anything to cause the outage.

“You got that. I’m the middle lady. We’re in the middle of it.”

FOX43 Finds Out contacted Verizon to see why Szala had to pay full price when she didn’t get the full service for that month.

Verizon told us “Service credits for eligible customers typically appear 1 to 2 billing cycles following, so a credit is likely to appear on her next statement in March.”

It appears, Szala will have to wait a little longer to get her money back.

“I think I need a little adjustment for those four days I didn’t have service for.”

Szala and hundreds of other people were impacted by this outage.

The Verizon spokesperson told us that anyone who had a service outage for 24 hours or more can contact Verizon and see if they can get a credit on their account.

He said that your customer service number should be on your most recent Verizon bill.

Everyone’s billing cycle is different, so if you think you are impacted, just check the dates on the bill.

It appears that Verizon will only credit you if you check your own bill and call for yourself.

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