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Law enforcement & military personnel take part in explosive tactical training in Steelton

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STEELTON, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. --  Loud explosions could be heard from an abandoned funeral home in Steelton on Wednesday.

It was all a part of a Tactical Explosive Breaching Operations course where more than 30 law enforcement & military personnel from across the country are learning how to handle explosives, breach doors, walls, roofs and more.

"We want to work in a real environment, make sure we understand all the different hazards and problems with our tactics so that they can be perfected," said a Tripwire Operations Group instructor, who wishes to keep his name private.

The military special ops course instructor, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that by doing this, they can be better prepared for a real- life situation.

"Your skill set has to be instinctive," Tripwire Operations Group instructor added.

"Where these would be facilitated or used would be in an active shooter situation where they have to make an entry into a building with a rapid timely response," said Ryan Morris, Founder & CEO of Tripwire Operations Group & Highspire Police Officer.

Ryan Morris says these are skills that can help keep our communities safe should a real-life situation arise.

"I look at it as having another skill set or another tool in the toolbox," added Morris.

And Steelton Police Chief, Anthony Minium agrees.

"Any additional training for an officer is important, this just happened to be a course that nobody else has offered in the area so it was am opportunity for us to take," added Minium.

"I`ve seen a lot of great things and I`ve seen a lot of not so great things. but we want to learn from the mistakes, learn from the successes, so these guys can pass along that information to the next generation," added Tripwire Operations Group instructor.

Each participant will receive an 'Explosive Breacher Certification' following the training on Friday.

NOTE: As a reminder to people who live in the Steelton area, you may hear explosion sounds Thursday, so don't be alarmed.

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