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State Police investigating skeletal dog remains found chained to a doghouse behind Lykens home

LYKENS, Dauphin County — State Police are investigating a suspected animal cruelty case on the 500 block of North Street in Lykens Boro.

According to police, the skeletal remains of a dog were found in the back yard of a home, chained to a dog house. Police say an unknown person left the dog outside, chained to the dog house and exposed to the elements, until it died. When the remains were discovered, they were in a state of decomposition so advanced that no muscle or hair were visible, but a collar was still secure around the upper spinal column of the remains.

The collar was attached to a long chain that was still attached to the dog house, police say. The remains were covered by a black tarp.

Based on the state of decomposition, police estimate the remains had been there for at least a year.

The investigation continues, police say. Anyone with information is asked to contact State Police at (717) 362-8700.