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Greencastle man facing charges after attempting to flee police, ramming police cars

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa.– A Greencastle man is facing charges after allegedly fleeing police and ramming a police car.

Ronnie Eckenrode, 31, is facing aggravated assault, fleeing or attempting to elude police and a number of related traffic violations for the incident.

On March 1 at approximately 12:50 a.m., a State Police Officer was patrolling the area of Route 16 in Washington Township when two troopers told dispatch that a vehicle was refusing to yield to their lights and sirens.

The suspect, later identified as Eckenrode, continued to flee onto Interstate 81 Southbound at speeds greater than 120 mph, according to the criminal complaint.

Eckenrode exited Pennsylvania and crossed into Washington County, Maryland before exiting the Interstate at Exit 10B.

By the time all three officers met up, the search had been terminated.

While following Eckenrode’s vehicle, police noticed that it began to travel back towards Greencastle, Pennsylvania, making its way northbound on Route 11 and crossing back into Antrim Township, Franklin County.

At that point, police re-engaged in a pursuit of Eckenrode’s vehicle, which proceeded westbound on Mason Dixon Road.

Once on Mason Dixon Road, a State Trooper attempted to get in front of Eckenrode’s vehicle, which began to weave in and out of its travel lane in order to overtake the Trooper’s vehicle.

When the State Trooper’s vehicle finally got in front of Eckenrode’s vehicle, Eckenrode rammed the State Trooper and disabled his vehicle.

Eckenrode proceeded to flee down Mason Dixon Road before going southbound onto Greencastle Pike into Washington County, Maryland before police conducted a successful PIT maneuver, ending the pursuit.

Now, Eckenrode will face charges.