Five people arrested at construction site in Lancaster County

MANOR TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa — State police arrested five people on Saturday after protesting at an Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline construction site in Manor Township.

According to the Lancaster County District attorney spokesman, four women and one man were arrested and charged with misdemeanors of defiant trespass and disorderly conduct.

State Police have identified the people as:

  • David Funkhouser, 72, of Philadelphia
  • Judith Wicks, 70, of Philadelphia
  • Lou Ann Merkle, 64, of Plymouth Meeting
  • Gwen Story, 64, of Lititz
  • Theresa Baker, 55, of Mountville

The five refused to listen to warnings from police to get off a piece of drilling equipment and leave the site and remained in a “sleeping dragon device”.

A sleeping dragon device is commonly used in protests to chain protesters together.

The group eventually removed themselves from the device and were taken into custody around 4:00 p.m.

Police say that the interaction between them and the protesters was cordial and respectful. They’re appreciative there was no physical resistance or escalation of behavior.