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Investigation prompted after Lackawanna County Prison inmate posts selfie


SCRANTON — An investigation was prompted after a federal inmate posted a selfie on Facebook while incarcerated inside Lackawanna County Prison, WNEP-TV reports.

Yes, you read that right.

On January 25, Jeffrey Mattox posted a picture which read, “This is 170 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal,” according to WNEP-TV.

Mattox, who is serving time on drug and assault charges, is not supposed to have a cell phone.

WNEP-TV got reaction from a Carbondale resident about it.

“It’s scary, it’s actually scary because they’re in there for a reason, they’re not in there to play around and how that cell phone got in there, that is the question,” Colleen Mowery said.

Mattox regularly chatted with friends and family on Facebook, WNEP-TV says. He even gave out his cell phone number.

WNEP-TV’s full story can be found here.