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British woman visiting Australia hauls in massive, 130-pound bass grouper

Photo courtesy of Reel Force Charters, Australia.

PERTH, Australia — Cue the “you’re gonna need a bigger boat” jokes.

A 68-year-old woman hauled in a giant, 130-pound bass grouper during a charter fishing trip in Australia, according to a Fox News report.

It took Sue Elcock about 40 minutes to reel in the fish, which was literally bigger than she was.

“I just couldn’t believe the size of it when it reared its head out the water. It was the size of a sofa,” Elcock said of the 5 foot, 4-inch monster fish she caught, appropriately enough, on International Women’s Day.

Elcock was visiting her son Simon and his wife Michelle at their Perth, Australia home, when went on the fishing trip.

Elcock told The Sun she felt a tug on her line and knew she caught a “fair-sized fish.”

“Someone said you would need an awful lot of chips to go with a fish like that,” Elcock joked of her find. “But I’ve helped cut him up and get all that fish into the freezer. Simon and Michelle will be enjoying fish barbies for months when I’m long back in the U.K.”

Hosting his mother until the end of March, Simon, an aluminum mine worker, said he’s “thrilled” for her.

“The photo of her holding the fish is one to treasure,” he said.