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Students at Helen Thackston Charter School in York push for a change in gun laws

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YORK, Pa. -- The school gym at at Helen Thackston Charter School looked a little different on Wednesday.

“What can we do, what can we do to stop this from happening," said Tiffany Beisel, senior. “We just want to show the government we are opposed to how the gun laws are and we just want that to change," Beisel added.

Students had one mission: To be a part of something bigger and make a change.

“We need to spread the word somehow, someway," said Regianld Williams, junior. “I feel like schools not safe anymore, but as long as we keep pushing, everything will be ok," added Williams.

Many gathered to write opinions and words of support on large pieces of paper lining the walls.

“I wrote ‘stop the hate’ because I’ve had a unique high school experience because I have and suffer from dwarfism, so I’ve been bullied a lot and I know how that feels to have no one," said Natasha Rodriguez.

“One of the posters said ‘What is Helen Thackston Charter School to you?’ and one of them wrote ‘Home,' which as a teacher, you know that kind of melts your heart, it’s awesome," said Christopher King, teacher at Helen Thackston Charter School.

For teachers and faculty, the day was all about opening a dialogue.

 “I think that some of their thoughts on the matter are going to be really vital if we can put them into action," said Melissa Achuff, principal at Helen Thackston Charter School.

“I hope that they feel that they have someone to talk to, that there is someone here within this building that they are connected to, that their voices matter," added Achuff.

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