Toys-R-Us liquidation rumors concern local Toys For Tots Foundation

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YORK, P.A. --- It’s the end of an era.

Toys-R-Us says it plans to either close or sell all of it’s stores in the U.S.

The news of the giant toy retailer’s liquidation leaves some customers reminiscing over better days for the chain.

"It's sad, I went to Toys-R-Us when I was a kid," said Craig Cooper.

"This is where my parents used to bring us at Christmas and we got come through the store and it was always just amazing coming through as a kid and I feel sad that it's not going to be here anymore," said Trish Kisielnicki.

For Dave Brady with the Marine Corps Toys For Tots Foundation in York County, the thought of no Toys-R-Us makes him "anxious."

"Toys-r-Us has been a big part of Toys For Tots for many, many years. Their a good corporate sponsor both nationally and locally," said Brady.

He said without the national chain, the foundation will not only lose support financially but also experience a drop in actual toys.

For example, he said the toy chain gives a large donation to the national Toys For Tots organization every year, that is distributed to the local groups.

"We use that money to purchase toys at Toys-R-Us and then they also give us a significant discount on all those toys...And if there are some thing that don't move as well as expected during the season, they donate those to us for redistribution," said Brady.

If they're without the support of Toys-R-Us, the foundation has a number of options.

He said they can seek out other big box retailers, reduce distribution with partners, or continue pushing for more financial donations.

He said their season kicks off in October so for now, Brady said they're taking the wait and see approach.

"As soon as the formal announcement is made, we'll probably get our marching orders from national," said Brady.

While a murky future for Toys-R-Us is "unfortunate" to Brady, he said they'll be ready to do what they can to "finish their mission."

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