Last video store in Lancaster County set to close

Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pa. - It's the last of its kind in Lancaster County and it's set to close in April.

“It’s not really sad," said California Video Co-owner Jeffrey Stalter. "Things progress and yeah, just the way life is. I see stores come and go all the time even in Lancaster County we see stores come and go."

For people in Lancaster County who want to hold a physical copy of the movie they're about to watch, there soon won't be any more video stores nearby. California Video in New Holland opened in 2010 and will close its doors for good April 30th. It's a tough situation for Stalter who has been in the video business for 35 years.

“I outlasted Blockbuster and Hollywood and all the others," said Stalter. "I take pride in."

With the last day for California Video approaching, the store is now selling just about everything in the store. That means about 25,000 VHS tapes and DVDs must go.

“It’s not what people do anymore but it’s just kind of fun to watch a movie when you wanna watch it," said California Video customer Emiley Rodak.

She is just one of the many customers to visit California Video since they announced they're closing. Stalter says seeing the constant come and go of customers reminds him of the good old days.

“We do as much in one day as we used to do in a week,” said Stalter.

When Stalter closes the door for good at California video, it won't be closed for too long. Holland Coffee Company plans to move into their location.