Live and Local: Rachel’s Cafe and Creperie

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Lancaster is home to a lot of great restaurants and bars, but there aren't many places where you'll have to wait in a long line just to get inside the building. That's  exactly what you'll find any weekend if you visit Rachel's Cafe and Creperie on Walnut street in downtown Lancaster.  Fox 43's Amy Lutz and Jennifer Ready took a trip there to see why it's become such a staple in the community.

Whether it's a beautiful brew, or some fantastic food, Rachel's Cafe and Creperie has been serving up sweetness for more than a decade.  Owner Rachel Adams says that opening the restaurant in 2006 was a dream come true.

"It actually started in college, I was an environmental research management major but I picked up a part time job at a little crepe cafe and just fell in love with the idea," said Adams.

So after she graduated, so worked to make her dream come true.  Her close friend, Hawa Lassanah has worked with her since the beginning and said she knew early on it would be a success.

"It's hard to imagine, it's hard to foresee the success that she has accomplished in the 12 years that she has been in business, but I knew it would happen. she was so motivated and organized and she had a plan, so I knew it would be successful,"  Lassanah said.

However,  Rachel said it wasn't easy at first.

"A lot of the people that I first talked to kind of suggested that I think of a different idea, that it wasn't really a good idea or fit for Lancaster with how conservative this town is known to be, but I've been very proud and impressed with how everyone has embraced It over the years," she said.

With some 30 different crepes on the menu for breakfast, lunch or dinner,  there's something for everyone.  If not, you can always create your own.

"We've seen some really odd ones over the years but we don't turn anything away anything anyone wants to try something weird they can go ahead, so there's really unlimited possibilities," Adams said.

Which Rachel says is actually quite similar to how she views downtown Lancaster.

"When I was a kid we didn't come downtown because there wasn't anything to do really and just since then since I was in high school there's so many great things for kids to do for all ages to do, and I'm really proud to be a part of that because I'm from here and I love this town so much, so it's really neat to see the growth," she said.

The restaurant offers locals a chance to visit another part of the world, without leaving downtown Lancaster.

"It has it's quaintness and it's cuteness but it's very progressive, everyone that works here is hip and young, and it ads a nice mix of what Lancaster has to offer," said Lassanah.


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