Corned beef and cabbage: an Irish dinner… but what about as dessert?

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- As people celebrated St. Patrick's Day today, some may have sat down to a dinner of corned beef and cabbage, but how would it taste as dessert?

Well that's the newest flavor being served at Urban Churn. The stand inside the Broad Street Market in mid-town Harrisburg is offering their version, corned beef with sweetened lemon cabbage ice cream. Urban Churn has a reputation for taking on odd flavors and turning them into delectable frozen treats. The owner says the decision for what they create is often a last-minute decision, an inspiration, or something they think will be creative.

Back in January the stand served up sauerkraut flavored ice cream for New Year's. They say the St. Patrick's Day flavor was an even bigger hit! If you're eager to try it, Urban Churn will continue to serve it next week.

Looking ahead for Easter, the stand says they are looking to create a chocolate peanut butter egg flavor.