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Runner crosses finish line at Lucky Charm race to find a diamond instead of gold

HARRISBURG, Pa.-- Saint Patrick's Day celebrations took place all weekend long across our area.

In Harrisburg, the festivities started around noon Sunday with the 2018 Lucky Charm 5K and 10K races. About 800 runners took over downtown streets, hoping they were lucky enough to win.

One local runner landed a very special trophy. Dana Steinert was greeted at the end of the race by her boyfriend Vincent Hall, who proposed at the finish line! For him, it was the perfect setting.


(Photos courtesy: C. Fred Joslyn)

"Racing has been a huge part of our relationship, we've done marathons, triathlons, we actually met swimming together, so it was a big part of our relationship. So I wanted to do it at a race, so no better one than a local one," Hall said.

 After she caught her breath, Dana said yes. The couple has been dating for five-years.