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Waynesboro man charged with pointing gun at woman during robbery attempt

WAYNESBORO — A 44-year-old Waynesboro man was arrested Friday after police say he brandished a handgun in a robbery attempt outside a Waynesboro shopping center, according to Washington Township Police.

Charles Edward Waters, of the first block of East 2nd Street, is charged with robbery and simple assault in the incident, which occurred at 6:07 p.m. on the 1500 block of East Main Street.

According to police, Waters pointed a handgun at a female victim as she was walking to her car in a parking lot and demanded she hand him her purse. The woman told police she refused and began screaming, which attracted several bystanders who began to approach.

At that point, police say, Waters entered a nearby store for a few minutes, then came out and walked back toward the scene.

When police arrived, they noticed Waters matched the description of the suspect provided to emergency dispatch and detained him. Officers then searched the area with two K-9 units in an attempt to locate the handgun he allegedly used in the robbery attempt.

According to police, Waters vehicle was located in the parking lot and impounded until a search warrant could be obtained. Once the search warrant arrived, police searched the vehicle and discovered a black Responder 911 Match airsoft gun.

Waters was then arrested, processed and arraigned. He was transported to Franklin County Prison.