Deteriorating road conditions cause problems for drivers

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Straban Township, Adams County, Pa. - As snow fell quickly across Central Pennsylvania, road conditions deteriorated just as fast. Some drivers say while they were expecting this snowfall, they didn't expect the roads to get snow covered so fast. Many cars got stuck along many roadways.

"I was going up this hill over here and there was a car in front of me that started to slow down," said stuck driver Andrew Chapman. "So I lost my momentum and started going right back down the hill and got stuck again for the second time today."

After Chapman got his car stuck, part of Route 30 was shut down just outside of Gettysburg. A plow truck was brought in to help with road conditions and get drivers out of the snow. While the snow was causing some problems for people, others were taking advantage of it.

Teacher Rob Baust hopes this is the last time this school year they'll have to deal with early dismissals and closing. While he was able to run some errands Tuesday afternoon, he's not looking forward to what's to come.

"My back will not be happy shoveling snow tomorrow," said Baust.

While Tuesday is the first day of spring, all this snow has people of all ages wondering, "What's going on?"

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