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Snow on first day of Spring keeping landscapers busy in York County

SPRINGETTSBURY TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. --  Winter is not going quietly.

For Richard and Amanda Reyes, who own Greenfield LawnCare and Landscaping in York County, the rare snow on the first day of Spring, is something they've never seen before.

“We gotta do what we have to do," said Amanda Reyes, co-owner, Greenfield LawnCare and Landscaping. "We got up this morning and they were saying 6 to 9 and we were just like wow what are we going to do," added Amanda Reyes.

“I was hoping it wasn’t going to snow because I have mulching to get done, getting the mowers tidy, and getting them all ready to go, but this is kind of a little set back, said Richard Reyes, Greenfield LawnCare and Landscaping.

But this is what mother nature had in store, putting some to work.

“Some storms we get we don’t get to sleep for days, we stay up rocking out the whole time," said Richard Reyes.

As for getting salt? They say that was also a challenge.

“We called this morning to see if our place where we usually get it from and they ran out completely," said Amanda Reyes. “Everybody’s running out and here we are the first day of spring," she added.

“I don’t think I’ve ever done it on the first day of spring. I can’t remember any snow where they are calling for this amount of snow on the first day of spring," said Richard Reyes.

And this rare Spring snow, is leaving locals dreaming of warmer weather.

"Oh I don't like this at all," said Judy Beam of Chanceford Township. "When I got here this was not covered, so in less than an hour, this parking lot is now covered," she added referring to a Target parking lot she was parked in.

“It’s a little cold for the first say of spring, especially with all the snow. Not what I was expecting, I was hoping for some warmer weather," said Ryan Miller of York.

But Richard and his wife Amanda have no complaints.

“Life’s good, you know,  some people ask how can you do it, I don’t know, we just do it. That’s just our life, we run out business, work together, as a team, raise our children, and just try to live the American Dream," said Richard Reyes.