Snowy spring start doesn’t keep the Haines Shoe House from serving up ice cream

HELLAM TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Despite the snowy weather, but according to the calendar, Tuesday was the first day of spring.

This time of year usually brings the opening of many ice cream shops that have many people's minds on sunnier days.

The Haines Shoe House is more than just a shoe, its also an ice cream shop.  but is this still ice cream eating weather?

It might not look like the first day of spring, but that didn't stop the owners of the Haines Shoe House from it’s annual tradition of choosing the day to open for business.

Owner Melanie Schmuck said "I always say get the spring, or year started off on the right foot...for the shoe puns, but it doesn’t really bother me."

After all, Schmuck’s seasonal experience isn’t limited to scooping out a cool treat.

"Our first year in 2015 when we opened, that snow didn’t stop, especially York County folks from eating ice cream, because we had a line out to the door. So this is a little bit different for us," Schmuck said.

On this spring day, there were some who dropped by to see more than what was on the menu.

"We are closed for four months out of the year, over winter. It just isn’t a very busy time for us. So, we choose not to be open, but the Shoe House itself is very touristy. I’m eager to get it going," Schmuck said.

Haines Shoe House visitor Martha Pavlick said "our grandson is visiting us from Raleigh, North Carolina and we’ve been looking for local things to show him, for these two weeks. This was actually the closest local place, and with the weather, we didn’t want to venture any farther."

It may never be too cold for ice cream for some, but no matter what the weather brings, opening day is always a shoo-in at the Shoe House.

"I think everybody is just kind of eager to get out of the house, and do something, for sure. Winter we have cabin fever after a while you know," Schmuck said.

"I’m a gardener, so I spend six months of the year, several hours a day outside. So yes, I’m looking forward to spring," Pavlick said

"I guess you could go outside and make your own snow cone if you want to," Schmuck said.

While it snowed strong throughout the day, the weather didn't stop a few customers from coming out to order up a cone.

Spring hours for the Haines Shoe House are Fridays through Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm. It's located at 197 Shoe House Road in Hellam Township, York County.