FOX43 Finds Out: Do toy stores have a future?

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa --  It appears Toys "R" Us kids did grow up and found somewhere else to shop.

Ever since Toys "R" Us filed for bankruptcy last year and most recently announced it would be closing stores, some Toys "R" Us kids are feeling nostalgic

"This is where my parents used to bring us at Christmas, we got to walk through the store and it was always just amazing as a kid. I feel sad that it's not going to be here anymore," said Trish Kisielnicki.

An assistant professor at Elizabethtown College, Dmitriy Krichevskiy, says nostalgia isn't enough to save the store.

"Their sentiment is not enough to actually go visit the store and buy things or else toys r us would not have been in trouble."

Krichevskiy believes Toys "R" Us made some bad financial decisions like owing billions of dollars in debt after a 2005 buyout.

He says the retailer never changed with the times and couldn't make that money back.

He doesn't think the days of the toy store aren't over just yet and instead believes those stores need to become more interactive.

"That`s a major problem right? What do you do with your kids when the weather is not cooperating and where they can play."

The Assistant professor says a toy store needs to have an extra layer to it to stay relevant - to make if different than online shopping.

"What seems to be doing well is the type of experience that you cannot have online, so that would be something you can touch, you can play with. Something you can experience, in my view, is the future of retail."

Krichevskiy says the big box stores already figured that out, having competitive pricing and something else besides toys.

"Certainly companies like Kmart, target and Walmart took big chunks out of toys r us market share."

And for shoppers like Noah Kunkle, the toys r us closure is just another retailer going under.

"20, 30 years ago, if you went to get a Toy, you went to Toys R Us or to a toy store. Now a lot of other stores are incorporating toys into their departments."

The Toys "R" Us sister chain will also be closing.

The company says it will maintain Babies "R" Us registries and the web stores for the time being,  in hopes that someone will want to buy it.

The retail chain also plans to honor gift cards for the next few weeks.

There is still no exact timeline, as to when liquidation sales and closures will happen.

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