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Miller Plant Farm in York County seeing business impacts following rare spring snow

YORK TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. — Nurseries in York County are seeing affects from the rare spring snow.

Companies like Miller Plant Farm in York County are making adjustments in effort to keep plants safe until the temperatures finally warm up.

 “As the snow coats the top of the greenhouse, there isn’t much light coming through, so we ease up on the watering, we don’t want the leaves wet through a period like this,” said David Miller, President of Miller Plant Farm.

David Miller at Miller Plant Farm says the snow is forcing them to keep perennials in  the greenhouse where temperatures have been turned up.

“These roofs are not designed to hold 12 inches of snow, so we have to melt it as it comes,” said Miller.  “We turn the heat up to 62 to 65 degrees and let it on twenty four seven,” he added.

The hike in temperatures is also making their heating bill go up by nearly 50 percent, which Miller says is not figured into company expenses.

“I have several greenhouses that I am heating with absolutely no plants in them just to melt the snow,” said Miller.

So what about the veggies?

 “We’ve often plant lettuce this time of year,” said Miller.

But that has also been pushed back.

“It’s going to take at least a week to 10 days of good weather to even be able to get in the ground and do anything,” said Miller.

“It really hurts in sales, I mean if we would have some sunny nice weather, we would be selling these pansies,” added Miller.

David Miller says Miller Plant Farm will be open for business again on Thursday. They also plan on having their spring kickoff event scheduled for this Saturday, rain, snow or shine. For more information on the event you can visit: