Mother Nature continues to test drivers after second day of snowfall

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LANCASTER, P.A. --- The elements just keep coming at drivers across central Pennsylvania.

After two days of snowy conditions, drivers say the roads Wednesday were much worse than on Tuesday.

"Unless you have to go anywhere, I'd stay at home and ride this one out," said Mark Buehler.

Slick and slushy were the most commonly used descriptions of the roads on Wednesday.

The sloppy conditions made some pedals work better than others.

"I had some rough spots...Hit the brakes and you just want to slide," said Joseph Madonna.

The snow isn't the only thing getting on drivers' nerves this week.

"People are impatient driving and in a rush to get nowhere. You have to slow down and think about other people on the roads," said Dawn McEwan.

Conditions aren't expected to get much better as wind is on the way to the commonwealth.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation officials worry about the impact the wind could have on tree limbs and wires with heavy snow on top.

While PennDOT officials don't think snow drifting will be an issue, it's the uncertainty that is making drivers uneasy

"I leave my house at five [in the morning] so it's kind of never know what you're going to expect from the road being so dark out, ice and the way people are driving so it's always a scary feeling," said Lysandra Tirado.

Drivers say drifts can be found between open plains or fields on backroads.

If you happen to come across a snow drift, recommendations include backing up or waiting for a plow instead of pressing your luck.

"You get in one of them and get stuck, you're not getting out for a while. Of course, you'll have other drivers following behind you or another truck or a plow might not even see you in that snow drift and of course, that's bad news. You're going to get hit," said Madonna.

PennDot officials also say they're concerned about refreezing over the next couple days.

They say be cautious of icy conditions over on the roadways.

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