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Snow doesn’t stop mail deliveries

Manheim Township, Lancaster County, Pa. - It was a snow day for many across Central Pennsylvania but not everyone was that lucky. Many jobs require people to be at work every day in rain, shine or snow.

Imagine having to not only drive in the Wednesday's snowy conditions but having to walk in them too. Jessica Hassler is a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service in Lancaster. While many people spent the day enjoying the snow, Hassler was outside delivering mail.

"I probably will fall three times today," said Hassler. "It's like an obstacle course."

Although Hassler's job may seem like a miserable task, she really does enjoy being out in the elements.

"I think it's fun," said Hassler. "It's not boring anymore, you know the same thing day in and day out."

All the snow will slow Hassler down. It will take her an hour and a half longer to finish her route today but she does see another upside to being outside, walking for about seven hours.

"It's exercise," said Hassler. "Today is the most exercise I'll probably get all week."

For homeowners wanting to make it easier for mail carriers out in these snowy conditions, Hassler does have some advice. Shovel and remember if you don't use your front door, that doesn't mean it goes unused.

"I'm the front door person," said Hassler. "Think about us."

The USPS also put out a reminder for customers to remember to clear their sidewalks and steps, along with their mailbox area.