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Community reacts to Weaver building fire

A downtown spot intended to bring new life to the area, now nothing but a pile of rubble in the heart of downtown York.

The Weaver building was once known for producing organs and pianos, and was in the process of being converted into luxury apartments.

The several-year project was set to be completed this spring.

“I got a couple tears in my eyes over it. I watched them guys work so hard, just to see it go up in smoke. And that’s what it did, it went up in smoke,” said Dwight Jordan, a construction worker who was helping out at the site since October.

Firefighters say it was clear the large Broad Street building could not be saved.

The owner of Brewer’s Outlet tells us he was up all night wondering if his business next door would still be standing

“We just kind of cleared our registers out and carried them outside, put them in our trunks, so we could open again, and luckily the building is still here,” said Rosario Collette, owner of Brewer's Outlet.

People who work in the building lost a lot more.

Many of them even losing tools and equipment in the fire.

“You can’t make a living without your tools. If they brought everything here, which a lot of guys had them in steel boxes, locked but probably melted,” said Jordan.

The top floor of the building was nearly complete, and ready to be leased.