Digging out leads many people to save parking spots

York, Pa. - Clearing off the car in most cases means digging it out first. People in York are now digging through more than a foot of snow, and some of them are wanting to save the parking spots that they've so painstakingly shoveled. Although, that could end up costing them some money.

Chairs, trashcans and even walkers are being used to keep other drivers away.

"I went out for a little bit to see if I could get something and I was really quick," said Henry Peguro, parking spot saver. "And I said, 'Let me if I can save that for a little bit to get a chance to get it when I come back."

However, saving parking spots in York could cost. You could be fined a few hundred dollars. The people saving spots know they shouldn't be but take the chance anyway.

"It's hard but I know that's not fair because that's a public space," said Peguro. Its not my parking."

Some people say, they won't take it personally if someone takes their spots and they're rather optimistic about it, enjoying being outside.

"It keeps me health and younger," said Reynaldo Rodriguez, shoveling out his car.

Remember, saving parking spots isn't the only thing you could be fined for. Not making an attempt to clear the snow off your sidewalks could also cost you some money.