Lancaster County ticket holders out money after snow storm

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EAST LAMPETER TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- Concert hopefuls in Lancaster County are left with unsettled feelings after the American Music Theatre says the show must go on.

"I can’t believe that any performer would want to jeopardize their fans lives in that kind of weather," said Sharon Young, ticket holder.

On Wednesday night, American Idol artist, Chris Daughtry came to perform in East Lampeter Township.

Despite the dangerous weather conditions, a decision was made to not cancel the show -- or offer refunds to those who could not attend, leaving many ticket buyers angry.

“We debated up until the last minute if we really wanted to go and chance it, but the weather was just too bad," added Young.

Sharon Young is one of hundreds of others who lost money.

“I’m normally only 20 minutes away, but that twenty minute trek, was very treacherous yesterday," said Young.

Photos circulating Facebook, show empty seats in the audience, with hundreds of comments from angry ticket buyers left shocked at the decision that was made.

However Jim Martin with the American Music Theatre says the decision was made by Daughtry’s management.

“By mid to late afternoon, our parking lot was completely cleared, Route 30 was moving normally, the decision on their part with their management was to continue with the show and we had to honor that," said Jim Martin, executive director at the American Music Theatre in Lancaster County.

“No matter what we said, that’s what they wanted to do, and that is contractually within their right to do that,” added Martin

Martin tells FOX43 all ticket sales are final, adding that weather policies are clearly stated when tickets are purchased.

However Young, along with the others who could not attend still feel something needs to be done about it.

“You know, my husband paid one hundred and sixty dollars for these tickets and that’s kind of tough not being able to go, but your life is more important," added Young.“I just hope that somebody comes through and does something.”

UPDATE 3/23: After this story aired, Chris Daughtry posted the below Facebook video. In the video, Daughtry tells fans that their tickets will be honored and that he is working with his team to plan another concert date in Lancaster at the American Music Theatre urging ticket holders to save their unused tickets.

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