Man chases ex in van, crashes into building and runs away, police say

Swatara Township, Dauphin County, Pa. - A morning accident that sent one woman to the hospital and one man to run away. Swatara Township Police say the man, Christopher Forster, was chasing his ex with a van.

"I hear a screech, it sounded like a tire screech," said Robert Salsbury, who heard the accident happen. "And then it sounded like something went through something."

People living near Cumbler and Second Streets in Enhaut say the cars went through the intersection at 40-50 miles per hour before spinning out on black ice, crashing into a building full of antiques.

"A lot of craziness," said Cindy Russell, who lives nearby. "I mean this doesn't happen in this little town of Enhaut."

Police say the woman had a protection from abuse order filed against Forster. What happened Friday morning has at least one person living nearby questioning how well PFA's protect the victims.

"What's a piece of paper? I hate to say that but I mean PFA is a piece of paper," said Salsbury. "Today shows you that piece of paper really does not work."

Many neighbors are thankful the accident happened shortly after seven Friday morning. They say if it had happened any later, there would have been dozens of kids around waiting at the bus stops.

"As a father, my kids are grown but it still puts you in a spot where, wow, a lot of kids lives could have been lost today," said Salsbury.

The children's safety was on the minds of many people living in the neighborhood. Russell's dad's truck was parked on the sidewalk and hit during the accident. She believes there was a reason his truck was there and involved.

"My dad's truck being parked there very well could have saved those kids who were walking to the bus stop's lives," said Russell.

Anyone with information on Forster's whereabouts should call police.