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A ‘hoppy’ turnout at Bunnypalooza

MANCHESTER, York County, Pa. -- It was a 'hopping' good time in York County as rabbit owners and fans gathered together for Bunnypalooza.

The event organized by rescue groups Peaceable Kingdom Rabbit Rescue and Luv-N-Bunns  held a celebration in Manchester Saturday. There were plenty of attractions for rabbits and bunnies, including spa services, and places to purchase special treats and toys.

Most importantly, it was venue for people to learn more about caring for a pet rabbit or bunny. Event organizers say it's so important especially this time of the year, because many of these small animals will be purchased as Easter pets, only to be discarded weeks or months later.

Bunny owners agree, including Brandon Bradley who reminds people they are more than an Easter gift and that they are a pet and part of the family, and should be treated with respect too.

Experts say these small animals can live up to 10-13 years. They say just like dogs, it's important to find the breed that's right for you. Some of the larger breeds like are less active, compared to smaller breeds which may have higher energy levels.

Today's rescues also reminded people that if they were interested in adding a bunny or rabbit to their family to consider adoption instead of purchasing one.