Challenge to Hartman petition in 10th Congressional race


Case Claims Christina Hartman’s campaign filed only 89 qualified signatures, more than 911 short of the number required by state law.

Harrisburg, PA – The George Scott for Congress campaign issued a press release saying the campaign has joined a complaint filed on behalf of two voters of the 10th Congressional District, claiming that Congressional candidate Christina Hartman’s petition did not the required number of signatures to get on the ballot for the May 15th Democratic Primary Election in Pennsylvania.

“We owe it to the voters of this district to get this right – especially with the new congressional districts coming into play. If any candidate does not meet the number of signatures required by law, the law states they shall not appear on the ballot. After a thorough review, we have concluded Christina Hartman has not filed enough valid signatures with the Commonwealth to qualify for the Democratic Primary ballot. We are asking the Commonwealth Court to come to the same conclusion,” said Brad Koplinski, Campaign Manager for George Scott for Congress and the attorney representing the two plaintiffs from the district, Marta Peck and Nicolette Byer.

The challenge raises other concerns with the petition signatures:

• Over 100 signatures from voters that are registered members of other political parties, including Libertarian, Green, Republican, as well as Independents.
• Over 200 signatures from people that are not registered to vote in Pennsylvania.
• Signatures from nearly 150 voters that were given the wrong county’s petition to sign or voters that do not live in the district at all – with signatures from people as far away as Sunbury and West Chester.

FOX43 reached out to the Hartman campaign for a response.

Source: George Scott for Congress press release