PennDOT plans for I-83 widening project in York County

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YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- More road construction is set to come to York County.

According to PennDOT, a five mile stretch of Interstate 83 between the Market and North George Street exits needs to be updated not just for safety reasons but to alleviate congestion in the area.

Some drivers say they aren’t looking forward to more construction, though they are happy about progress being made.

"It’s a pain in the butt trying to get around," said Missy Hyder, who lives in Springettsbury Township.

"What is our tax dollars going to? I mean, I know the roads here are horrible, especially on areas on 83," said Jamie Binko, who lives in Windsor Township.

"It’s close to an hour to get from East York to West York sometimes, especially during rush hour traffic!" said Jordan Brown, who lives in Springettsbury Township.

Even PennDOT says there are some issues with the road.

”We have tremendous backups in the morning and afternoon rush hours, as well as difficult merges in some of these areas," said Mike Crochunis, a spokesman.

The five mile stretch is an area PennDOT says hasn’t changed since the 1950’s when it was originally constructed.

Plans include widening 83 on that stretch from four to six lanes, extending exit ramps, and adding at least one roundabout on the North George Street exit.

”We want to work on the feeder routes first and make sure they can handle some of the traffic a two lane road really wouldn’t be able to handle," said Chrochunis.

Roadwork could begin in 2021 and is scheduled to be finished by 2026.

”I will definitely be happy when it’s completed and looking forward to 2026," said Binko.

"It’s progress, at least it’s in the plans. Got to take baby steps and start somewhere!" said Brown.

PennDOT is planning to hold a public meeting on the project at Central York Middle School, Thursday night from 6:30-8.

Officials unveiled a website for the project where people can see progress and post comments.

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