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York County man detained by ICE, leaves family confused

Newberry Township, York County, Pa. - A family's life is flipped upside down when immigration authorities arrest a York County man. The family is now trying to make sense of what happened Monday morning and say the man, who is a permanent resident, didn't deserve to be arrested.

"They just ripped a family apart," said Faith Plascencia, Edgar's wife.

Immigration police were at the Plascencia home in Manchester to pick up Edgar. Faith says, she asked the officers why they were there and says they didn't show any papers, but did say it was because of a protection from abuse order she filed against Edgar almost 10 years ago.

Aside from the PFA, court records show he had a parking meter violation in 2017 and driving a vehicle without a valid inspection violation in 2016.

Edgar has a U.S. permanent residence card and was planning to become a citizen when it expires in 2022. Now that he is facing possible deportation his family is preparing for the worst.

"I'm right there with him, that's my life," said Faith. "I'll pack up my kids at the end of the school year if he gets deported. We'll make a life somewhere else. "

Edgar's five children are having a tough time just thinking about getting through Tuesday.

"I have school tomorrow, so I don't know how I'm going to get through that day," said Rose, Edgar's 12-year-old daughter. "But knowing he's not here just leaves me in shock and pain."

What the Plascencia family is dealing with is happening to many immigrant families. Mirna Gonzalez, a community outreach coordinator for CASA, says she's seen this kind of thing happen before.

"It's hard, especially when you see those little kids missing their parents, their father, their mother," said Gonzalez. "And there's nothing you can do about it. "

Gonzalez blames the increase in activity by the immigration police on the Trump Administration.

"It makes it easier for the enforcement [officers] to, even if he has his residency, it's not enough because they think they can still take that residency away," said Gonzalez.

Anyone with questions about their rights when dealing with ICE should contact CASA.