Some streets in Harrisburg inaccessible to people with disabilities

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Accessibility issues in the City of Harrisburg - some people with disabilities say it's very difficult getting around the Capital City.

The City of Harrisburg plans to improve city streets with a new $2 million loan. The loan would help the city stay compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Now, it just needs to be approved by city council members.

"It's completely messed up, Second and Forster streets, ain't nothing I can do there," said Theo Braddy, who is on the Harrisburg Human Relations Committee.

Braddy is talking about streets in Harrisburg that could be problematic for people with disabilities.

"All throughout the city, there’s a bunch of streets and curb cuts that over the years, don’t exist, or have really just fell apart," he explained.

Braddy knows how hard it can be to get around in the Capital City.

“I'm a c4, c5 quadripalegic...I broke my neck playing high school football," he said.

Some of the issues include street curbs with little to no ramp and signs blocking walkways.

There may be a fix, though.

The city will decide if it wants to use a $2 million loan, granted by the state to reconstruct streets in Harrisburg.

"Street, curb, maintenance, things along those lines," said Ben Allatt, Vice President of Harrisburg City Council.

According to Allatt, it’s not a contentious issue among council members.

"In fact, the reality with the loan is its a low interest loan, pay back over ten years… so it’s really a win win for the city," said Allatt.

Still, Braddy has some concerns.

“I’m hoping the priority remains, and the moneys get used the right way, because if they don’t they will be in violation of the ADA," he said.

Harrisburg City Council plans to vote on the $2 million loan at their meeting on April 10th.

Allatt tells FOX43 he thinks it will pass.