York glows red as woman delivers lightbulbs in honor of fallen firefighters

YORK, Pa. -- There's been an emotional outpouring of support for York City Fire and Rescue following the deaths of two firefighters in the line of duty on March 22nd.

Many parts of the city are glowing red at night as the community honors the fallen firefighters, Ivan Flanscha and Zachary Anthony.

We're here in downtown York where you will see many store windows and front porches decked out with red lightbulbs. One woman is doing her part to make it possible.

York City resident Debbie Bailey is making it her mission to shine a light on a time-honored tradition for fallen firefighters.

"How much they do for everyone, how much their families sacrifice, and I'm just doing it, it's a small way to pay respect, and honor and memory to the two people who were killed, Zach and Ivan, as well as the gentleman who were injured," Bailey said.

It's why Bailey is handing out red light bulbs to downtown businesses. Her goal is to make the city glow red to show its love for York Fire and Rescue.

"York city is my home. I live downtown. It`s a community that comes together in a lot of different ways, but this tangible sign, this red light, shows the fire department is in our thoughts," Bailey said.

My Girlfriend`s Wardrobe consignment shop owner Alex Keener said "I'm really glad that the community has come together this way, and to be there for their families, but at the same time you know it is sad that everybody is coming together because of a tragedy."

Keener  has a personal connection to the wife of Ivan Flanscha.

"Casey is actually a customer and consigner of mine, and so I`m really sad for her," Keener said.

"I`m glad that I can kind of just show that support, and just kind of strengthen the community`s help for them," Keener added.

The community's support for Ivan Flanscha and Zach Anthony is overwhelming, as well as the demand for red lightbulbs.

"Barb and Amelia Michaels, Chief Dave Michaels` wife and daughter, whom I've known for a long time, came over, gave them a hug, because it was the first time I saw them since the tragedy happened. They asked me if they could have lightbulbs," Bailey said.

So many stores are running out of red lightbulbs, that even some firefighter's families haven't been able to find them.  Bailey comes to their rescue.

"That moment of being able to give light bulbs to them, with all that their going through right now, and the leader that Chief Michaels is to our community, made the whole project worthwhile," Bailey said.

Anyone who has trouble finding red lights, but would like to show their support may show their support in other ways, such as on social media.  Donations can be made to the GoFundMe account set up to help the families of the fallen firefighters,  and the two who were injured in the Weaver building collapse.