‘A nightmare’: what some drivers are calling Route 283 in Dauphin County

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DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. -- Congestion and confusion: what some drivers are experiencing in Dauphin County as crews begin roadwork on 6 miles of Route 283 westbound.

Crews beginning 6 miles of roadwork westbound and creating two new lanes for drivers, an express lane and a local traffic lane.

PennDOT says its caused some confusion for drivers.

Some drivers are not so happy with Route 283 in Dauphin County.

“Absolute nightmare, an accident waiting to happen," described Robin Guyette of Middletown.

Guyette says she’ll do anything to avoid 283 while crews reconstruct the westbound lanes.

“I’m not taking 283 anymore. I’m looking for alternate routes. I’ll go the back way," she said.

The westbound reconstruction is part of a $89.4 million project, between the Toll House Road Interchange and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Interchange.

“We’re asking for patience. What we’re doing is - this is a major construction project. We’re rebuilding about 6 miles of Route 283," said Greg Penny, a spokesman for PennDOT. "If you’re headed to the Turnpike or the Eisenhower Blvd., take the express lane," he said.

Penny says the express lane could be quicker, however, there is not much room for drivers to merge over to Interstate 283.

If you’re trying to get to any part of Harrisburg, Penny suggests taking the local lane... or take side roads, which many are considering.

“Even if it’s a little out of my way, it’s better than sitting," said John Bostdorf of Shippensburg.

John Bostdorf says he’s a realist when it comes to this project.

“It’s necessary, the work that’s being done will benefit everyone who travels it," he said.

Guyette says changes need to be made soon.

“Clean up your act, get it better, mark the roads, white… paint! Yeah, mark the roads cause there’s going to be a lot of accidents," she said.

PennDOT says westbound lanes should return to normal in November.

Route 283 eastbound will see lane changes next year.

The entire project is expected to wrap up in 2020.


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