York community says farewell to fallen firefighter, Zachary Anthony

YORK, Pa. ---  The sound of sirens leading a funeral procession for fallen firefighter, Zachary Anthony.

People from all around the York community stood in solidarity to pay their final respects.

“It hurts, it’s still a family, it’s definitely family," said Lisa Contino of York.

Lisa Contino comes from a family of volunteer firefighters and says she knows exactly what it is like to lose someone in the line of duty.

“I know what it’s like when they go on that call and you don’t know if they’re going to walk back in that door," added Contino.

For some, being there was a way to show gratitude for people who put others’ lives before their own.

“They’re the bravest people that I know, because I don’t know anyone that would go into a burning building to rescue people that you don’t even know, risking your life, I give them the upmost respect," said Emma Jones of York.

Aaron Morthland tells FOX43 he knew Anthony and was there the day the building collapsed.

“He was one heck of a nice guy, he would always talk to anybody and give you a hand if you needed anything," said Aaron Morthland, York City Fire & Rescue.

“It was hard enough yesterday being out there, but this is the last chance we have to pay it in person to him, so I figured I’d better be down for it today," added Morthland.

“They gave the ultimate sacrifice for us and it’s the least we can do to stand out here and pay our last respects," added Contino.

GoFundMe page has been set up to help raise money not only for the families of the two fallen firefighters, but for the two injured members in the hospital.