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Ollie’s looking for excess toy merchandise, new store locations after Toys “R” Us closure

Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Inc. is looking to purchase excess toy merchandise from toy manufacturers, distributors and retailers that may be impacted by Toys “R” Us closures. The retailer is also constantly looking for new store leasing opportunities.

“There are financial and other reasons why companies affected may need to liquidate,” said Ollie’s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. Mark Butler. “If that’s the case, we want them to know that we are ready and willing to talk.”

In Monday’s Wall Street Journal, an advertisement revealed that Ollie’s is offering to purchase excess toy inventory as a result of cancelled or delayed orders, over productions, discontinued items, and overstocks, the news release states. Ollie’s is looking to purchase toys from the following categories: games, plush, preschool, dolls, remote control, die cast, crafts, balls, puzzles, bicycles, ride ons, action figures, and more.

“We see an opportunity to do business that is mutually beneficial to those who may need to offload merchandise, so we are just reminding folks that we are here and have the funds available to purchase this merchandise, as well as the logistical expertise to act quickly to take possession of the goods,” said Mr. Butler.

If you have merchandise to liquidate and would like to discuss, please contact:

  • Scott Feinstein, Vice President – Divisional Merchandise Manager –
  • Shane Thornton, Divisional Merchandise Manager –
  • Leo Coyne, Assistant Buyer –

If you know of any soon to be vacant sites, and would like to discuss further, please contact Jerry Altland, Vice President of Real Estate at