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Tax collector Denver, Lancaster County owes borough almost $3,500, according to audit

DENVER, Lancaster County — A former Denver tax collector who resigned in 2016 owes taxpayers and businesses in the borough almost $3,500, according to an audit done by the Lancaster County controller’s office.

The news was initially reported by LancasterOnline.

Brian Weaver was elected to his position in 2010, but resigned at the end of 2016 with a year left on his term.

The audit found that Weaver:

  • Did not provide refunds in four instances where property taxes were paid twice. The errors should have resulted in a total of at least $2,473.13 in the borough’s tax collection account. But as of Jan. 23, 2017, the balance stood at $121.64. Weaver said he provided refunds in all four cases.
  • Erroneously reported a property’s real estate taxes were not paid in 2016. Since the taxpayer did pay the taxes, there should have been a balance of $874.54 in the borough’s tax collection account. As of Jan. 23, 2017, the borough tax collector’s account stood at $121.64. Weaver said he had no knowledge of the incident.
  • Deposited $937.61 in cash in the borough’s tax collection account, but recorded a total of $2,855.76 as cash. Weaver later told LancasterOnline he mistakenly wrote his personal account number for the deposit, instead of the borough tax collector’s account, and that he later corrected the error.
  • Twice failed to issue refunds of $224.62 in overpayments of real estate taxes.
  • Overcharged a $20 tax certification by $5. He said the payment was for two tax certifications, and that the balance was sent with a second check.
  • Deposited a check for $7,109.90 from his personal savings account to the borough’s tax collection account. According to County Controller Brian Hurter, it appears that Weaver had deposited the tax collector funds to his personal account, then moved them to the tax collector’s account, which included the $1,918.15 referenced in finding three. Hurter told LancasterOnline tax funds should never mix with personal funds.

The audit also stats Weaver may owe other taxpayers refunds.



“Due to our limited ability to collect data and documentation from Mr. Weaver and companies who have paid on Denver Borough taxpayers’ behalf, we believe there may be additional taxpayers who are due a refund from Mr. Weaver for remitting double payments, excess payments, or other payments that did not agree to the tax bill in the period payment was received,” the audit concluded.

In a statement, the Denver Borough said if any resident thinks they have been double billed for taxes, they should contact the borough at (717) 336-2831. The borough will forward their information to the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office.