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FOX43 Finds Out: Insurance for the unexpected

YORK TOWNSHIP, Pa -- Jay and Rose Gouker are still cleaning up the mess after someone drove into their house back in February.

"I came running upstairs as my wife was Hollering 'somebody hit the house.' I ran outside and I see a car sticking through my house," said Jay Gouker.

That car made a hole in the master bedroom and the impact of the crash left cracks throughout the house.

"It drove a crack through the ceiling where the whole wall shifted the house this way," Gouker.

Every room, from the bathroom to the basement, has some damage.

Jay Gouker said, "My foundation in the back of the house, there`s actual cracks around the cinder block."

The Gouker's have a hard time even shutting the front door.

The couple is trying to figure out who is going to pay to fix all the damage.

According to a police report, Jennifer Murphey drove into the houseĀ  in an unregistered vehicle and a suspended license.

She's now facing charges for all of that.

"The lady was driving illegally her mother in laws car. Her mother in law has nationwide insurance. Nationwide has been no help whatsoever to us," said Jay Gouker.

The Gouker's do have their own homeowner's insurance policy and they just hope their rates won't increase after filing a claim.

"We`ve play by all the rules and then this happens and unfortunately there`s no rule book on how to deal with it."

Attorney Steven Stambaugh says the Gouker's have several options:

1. File a claim through their homeowners insurance company and try to get restitution.

2. Go through the criminal court system and try to get restitution if Murphey is found guilty - that takes a long time though.

3. Try to fight the car insurance company for the money.

He also adds, "How long could it go, how ugly could it get? It could get very ugly."

It doesn't seem like the Gouker's will have to go to the court system to get their money.

Their homeowner's insurance is assessing the damage and plans to send that bill to nationwide.

Experts estimate the damage will cost about $30,000 to fix.

Everyone we spoke with says this is why it's important to look over your homeowner's insurance policy to see what is covered, what is not and also why homeowner's should never miss a payment.

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