Several vehicle burglaries reported in Shoppes at Belmont

MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, P.A. --- Police officials say they've responded to four vehicle break-ins at the Shoppes at Belmont over the last couple weeks.

On Monday night, a couple from the Lynchburg, Virginia area that preferred to stay anonymous found their passenger-side window smashed in the parking lot of P.F. Changs.

They explained over the phone that they went to eat around 7:30 Monday night and parked in a well-lit area.

Roughly an hour later, they found the window destroyed with several items taken including a wallet, luggage, purchased Nordstrom Rack items, and a handgun from the glove box.

They said they’ve been coming to and from Lancaster County for roughly seven years and never expected to see this happen.

Two rows away, on the same night, a FOX 43 employee also became a victim, with the only difference being their driver-side window was damaged.

A work bag with a MacBook Pro Laptop were stolen from inside the car.

Officials with property ownership of the Shoppes at Belmont said they had not been made aware of this issue until Wednesday when we reached out to them.

They said they will seek more information from Manheim Township Police and that their available security measures are "private information."

Police officials say they would release more information as soon as it is made available.