Mother Nature wreaking havoc on spring sports schedule

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YORK, Pa. - It's official.  Spring weather stinks.

The high school spring sports season started almost two weeks ago.  But on many days, the schedule simply showed the same three letters over and over again: PPD.

Baseball games, softball games, tennis matches and track meets, all postponed.

As a matter of fact, through Wednesday of this week, most of the baseball teams, including York Suburban, hadn't even played their first game yet.

"We played two scrimmages in the middle of March and that's it," said Trojans head coach Casey Markey.  "It's frustrating, we're ready to go, we all want to play baseball.  We enjoyed those two scrimmages, but we're ready to get on the field and actually play."

Senior shortstop Nicholas Miller agrees.

"We have a group chat on Snapchat, and every time a game is cancelled, everyone's always frustrated and freaking out about it," said Miller.  "But I guess we just have to get through it and stay focused."

Despite all the games being postponed, teams still have to practice.  So what do you do when Mother Nature throws you a curveball?  You improvise, by throwing a couple of bases on the football field.

"If you're inside all the time, you can get cabin fever," said Markey.  "So every chance we can get out on the turf, we're going to do it."

Markey wants his players to be ready for anything.  "We want to get guys acclimated to playing in the high 30's, the low 40's, windy weather, get them acclimated to everything."

When teams can't get outside, practice moves inside.  But playing baseball in a gym just isn't the same.

"As a player, the biggest frustration for us is staying focused inside," said Miller.  "We can't really go game speed in here, and you get tunnel vision in the cages and stuff."

For the coaches, however, the biggest frustration is scheduling.

"We had a lot of built-in room for make-up (games), and they're pretty much gone at this point," said Markey.  "So we're going to be playing 5 games in 7 days."

That's probably optimistic, though, because later the coach checked the 10-day forecast and said "It doesn't look good."

The Trojans did make it onto the field Thursday for their season opener, beating Kennard-Dale, 5-4.

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