York County fire chief urging mobile home owners to get foundation checked

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LOWER WINDSOR TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- The power of Mother Nature showed its face to people across York County on Wednesday.

"It made me scared," said Mildred Oerman of Lower Windsor Township.

Mildred Oerman, who has lived on Oak Hill drive in Lower Windsor Township for over 30 years, witnessed something she’s never seen before.

“We heard this sort of gust and then after a while I thought I heard something on my roof out there," said Oerman. “So I looked out the window, opened the blinds and here there was about 7 or 8 fire trucks," she added.

It was her neighbor across the street.

“When we initially got there the trailer had slipped off of it’s foundation and fell down into a small stream and steep bank, the first crews that went in had noticed that one guy was unable to get out and was basically covered by everything that was in the living room at the time where he was sitting," said Chief Jesse Frantz, Craley Fire Company. “We ended up cutting a hole in the back side of the trailer to extract the man out," he added.

But the high winds don’t concern Larry Barshinger, who also lives in a mobile home just a couple miles down the road.

“In this community you have to have your unit strapped down or what they call hurricane straps," said Larry Barshinger of Lower Windsor Township.“You know, high winds, and you can feel some shaking, but we’ve been fortunate, guess there’s been damage around, but none here," he added.

Some aren’t always as lucky, though and that’s why Chief Frantz has some advice to anyone in a mobile home.

“I would suggest just getting an inspector of some sort to look at your foundation and make sure it’s still stable and able to hold and that the trailer is securely fastened," said Chief Frantz, Craley Fire Company.

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