Be Well: Friday Fab 5

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YORK COUNTY, Pa.-- It's the First Friday of the month, meaning it's time to add a new set of exercises to your routine.

Mindy Quesenberry from MyFitnessQuest is stopping by the set to demonstrate some leg workouts that are sure to strengthen your lower half.

Below is the workout routine Mindy will demonstrate and you can use at home:

Complete a proper 5 minute warm-up

1. Single leg squat
2. Reverse lunges
3. Paper plate hamstring curls
4. Lateral lunges
5. Good mornings
*try advancing these with the options given when you are ready
10-15 each
2-4 rounds
Can be done in circuit fashion
Rest 60 seconds after each round
Cool down & stretch 5 minutes
*Weights can be added for an extra challenge & to stimulate lean muscle growth
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