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Topless protester arrested outside of Bill Cosby trial courthouse

File- Five women who say Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them will be allowed to testify in his retrial, a Pennsylvania judge ruled Thursday.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Pa.– A Topless protester has allegedly been arrested outside of the courthouse where Bill Cosby will stand trial today.

FOX29 Philadelphia is reporting that a topless demonstrator ran into a crowd when Cosby arrived at court:

According to Lauren Dawn Johnson, the protester jumped a barricade before ripping her shirt off right in front of Cosby, forcing police to take her into custody:

FOX29 reports that the woman was topless and had “”Women’s Lives Matters” written on her body in red ink.

The woman was apparently one of a dozen people that were chanting in support of Cosby’s accuser.

Claudia Rosebaum, a BuzzFeed entertainment reporter, snapped a picture of protesters being arrested outside the courthouse in Norristown: