Steelton Mayor looking for neighbors to join community policing committee

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STEELTON, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. -- In one part of Dauphin County, officials say there hasn't been much support of the Neighborhood Crime Watch.

That lack of involvement in Steelton prompted a new committee focused on community policing.

The Steelton Police Chief says the people who live in the borough, tend to know the most about any crime or problems going on.

Officials are now hoping this new effort will provide them with a direct link to those community members so they can improve the neighborhood.
The neighborhood crime watch in Steelton is basically nonexistent according to Police Chief Anthony Minium.
“Unfortunately the past 8, 9 years, we’ve had one or two people show up at our crime watch meetings, so we’re going to try to rename it, rebrand it, and push it with our elected official," said Chief Minium.
So now, a new committee is taking shape and its supported by two leaders in the borough: the mayor and the police chief.
“We’ll keep it confidential. We’ll be able to talk about the different issues going on in the different neighborhoods," said Mayor Maria Romano Marcinko.
“My role in the committee will be what legally can we do within the law," said Chief Minium.
The neighbors who join will be encouraged to share disturbances, potential crime issues, and give feedback on the police force.
“Hopefully, it will change the perception as to what community policing is all about, that we’re really there to assist the community, we’re not there for any negative purpose," said Mayor Marcinko.
It's meant to reduce crime and improve morale within the borough, and Minium says community involvement is a big part of that.
“There’s a theory out there called the broken window theory, and basically what that theory is, if you don’t deal with a crime, it’s going to grow and get out of control," he said.
The Mayor says the committee will meet once a month at a time and day suitable for all involved.
Community members interested have until April 30th to sign up to be involved and should email
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