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Psychic, tarot card reader facing theft by deception charges in Beaver County

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BEAVER COUNTY, Pa.– A Monaca woman is facing charges after allegedly scamming victims out of approximately $3,200 while serving as a psychic and tarot card reader.

Sophey Mills, 25, is facing fortune telling and theft by deception charges for her role in the incident.

On March 22, State Police were contacted by the Center Township Police Department requesting assistance with two ongoing investigations involving Mills.

Mills, of Psychic and Tarot Card Readings by Sophia, allegedly scammed two victims out of approximately $3,200.

Both victims told police that after multiple visits with Mills, she requested that they make a “mojo” or “healing” jar to rid them of evil spirits or negativity that is influencing their life, according to the criminal complaint.

Both victims created the jars, with one containing $2,300 and the other containing $3,000. The victims were under the impression that the money was to stay in the jar, and they were to take them after visiting with Mills.

However, Mills allegedly explained to the victims on different occasions that a list of ingredients needed to go into the jar, including the money in $100 bills, and an egg wrapped in a white t-shirt among other various items.

When the victims returned to Mills’ residence at her request, she would tell the victims that she had cracked the egg because the evil was now trapped inside it and if they didn’t run, the evil would return to them.

Both victims ran from their jars, but later contacted Mills to retrieve said jars and their money.

However, Mills refused to return the jars or money, saying “the evil was too strong” among other excuses.

When the victims persisted, Mills claimed harassment and threatened to call police or tell the victims’ families of their discussions with Mills.

Eventually, the victims contacted police.

Police got an investigator to pose as a customer of Mills, and set a $70 psychic and tarot card reading appointment for 11:00 a.m. on March 27.

At the end of that appointment, Mills suggested to the investigator that they take part in a three-day soap and candle cleanse for $150.

Mills contacted the investigator again, and requested that he meet with her again, saying that he had a “karma issue” that needed reverse.

Mills told the investigator that he had a male in his past life that was “wicked, and raped and killed six women and children in my past life,” according to the criminal complaint.

She also told the investigator that he needed to purchase six candles from her for $400 for the six people that he had killed, and guaranteed this would reverse his bad karma.

However, the investigator told Mills that he did not have the funds on him at the time, and would pay her when he picked up the candles on April 5.

On that date, the investigator purchased the six candles for $400, at which time Mills advised that he would need to purchase an additional two candles shaped as female bodies for another $400.

Now, Mills is facing charges.

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