Man sentenced to two life terms for torture-killings of disabled brothers

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Juan Cristo-Munoz

LANCASTER COUNTY — A Lancaster man was sentenced Wednesday to consecutive life terms in prison for the torture-killings of two brothers last year in their city home.

Juan Cristo-Munoz, 19, pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder and related charges regarding the home-invasion at 627 Poplar Street and subsequent killings of Richard Walton and Leroy Kinsey.

Assistant District Attorney Christine L. Wilson said Cristo-Munoz and an accomplice repeatedly stabbed the disabled men. Kinsey was stabbed at least 10 times; Walton was stabbed 54 times.

Cristo-Munoz used a sword during the killing of Walton, Wilson said.

“It is truly a heinous crime,” Alan Walton, Richard’s son, said in court. “I don’t understand why someone would willingly do it, especially to two people who were obviously disabled and would have extreme trouble defending themselves.”

Lancaster County Judge David Ashworth, while accepted the plea terms and ordering sentence, said he was “at a loss for words at how one human being could do this to another.”

Wilson called Cristo-Munoz a “monster” who belongs in state prison.

Joshua Proper, 19, is charged with the same offenses. His case is pending.

After Wilson recited the grisly facts of the case, Judge Ashworth asked Cristo-Munoz if they were true.

Cristo-Munoz replied, “Yep.”

When asked by the judge if he had any comment for the victims’ families, Cristo-Munoz said, “Nah.”

Lancaster City Police responded to a 911 call, placed by a third occupant who escaped the home, and found Cristo-Munoz and Proper hiding in the basement.

Sherri Stanton, Kinsey and Walton’s niece, said she continues to ask herself why anyone would target two disabled men for such a horrible crime.

Stanton said her family continues to ask “God to erase the hate we have for these two young men.”

Alan Walton said he would not “lose a minute’s sleep” over Cristo-Munoz spending the rest of his life in prison.

Lancaster City Police Detective Eric McCrady filed charges. McCrady and other Lancaster City Police several investigators attended the hour-long hearing.

Assistant District Attorney Amber Czerniakowski assisted in prosecution.

Source: Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office

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