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Van service in Dauphin County is looking for volunteers to help drive around the elderly

LOWER PAXTON TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. -- A transportation service in Dauphin County continues to help senior citizens meet their daily needs.

From grocery shopping to doctor's visits, 'Lower Paxton Senior Van Services' has been taking the elderly from point A to point B for more than 30 years.

But now they are asking for the community's help -- asking anyone with interest in volunteering to reach out.

 “They really give you independence, the dispatchers, they really bend over backwards," said Shiela Fiegl.

83-year-old Sheila Fiegl has been using the service for the past 10 years.

“To have a cab overtime, it would be an awful strain when you are living on social security," added Fiegl.

“These people don’t have the means or a lot of them don’t even have automobiles and they can’t drive anymore, so if their children don’t live close by, they don’t any have way to get to where they want to go," said George Scott, president of Lower Paxton Senior Van Services. “We know them personally, sometimes our volunteers will actually go on their own time, do things for these people, take them here, take them there," added Scott.

The service gives senior citizens the independence that they crave.

“I live better by myself, I can’t think of anything more than a living hell than to go into a retirement home, I really can’t," said Fiegl.

Which is exactly why Scott does what he does.

“just giving back to the community, someday I may be a rider here so, right now I’m a driver, but someday I may be a rider and I will take advantage of this service to get me to where I have to go when I can’t drive any longer," said Scott.

If you`d like to become a volunteer driver or dispatcher for 'Lower Paxton Senior Van Services,' they are currently looking for people who can work 4-hour shifts.

To become a volunteer, contact George Smith at: 717-657-5650.